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Danielle Mullenix is an actress, singer, and dancer originally from Mobile, AL. At the tender age of eight years old, she saw The Phantom of the Opera and fell in love with performing. She made her professional debut at age seventeen in "The Toy Shoppe" and "Band Geeks" alongside Sean McDermott and Jason Forbach at Everblue Arts. 

Danielle is currently pursuing a BFA in musical theatre with a minor in News Media from The University of Alabama. She believes her purpose is to be a storyteller, and would love to explore this passion in as many medians as she can.  She has written multiple reviews for theatrical productions and news stories covering the performing arts scene on The University of Alabama campus.  When not involved with UA Theatre and Dance, Danielle serves as an Ambassador for the College of Arts and Sciences, is the PR Coordinator for Alpha Psi Omega at UA, is on the PR committee for HerCampus, and is a part of Alpha Delta Pi Sorority. In April of 2023, Danielle was awarded the Outstanding Sophomore Award by the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. 

Outside of performing and school, Danielle is an avid bookworm, gym-goer, and cinema junkie. She believes that spontaneity and travel are good for the soul, and tries to seize as many opportunities as she can to see the world and other cultures. She spent the summer of 2023 exploring Northern Italian villages and interacting with the locals. As a caffeine connoisseur, you can probably find her exploring nearby coffee shops wherever she is located. Danielle loves to be outside and near any capacity of water (she likes to believe she's part mermaid growing up by the Gulf of Mexico). 

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